Who We Are

MGM USA is an affiliate of MGM Consult PLC situated in Washington DC. We provide access to the wealth of intellectual resources within Ethiopia to our clients abroad. Whether you’re looking for an extra hand on your projects in the US or looking for a trusted partner in East Africa to help turn your vision into reality, MGM USA has the resources you need.

Contract administration

We provide Contract administration services for clients based abroad by partnering with our well established local affiliate MGM Consult PLC. Our engineers are licensed to practice in the US and Ethiopia bringing a diverse wealth of know how and international standard quality.

Our 20+ years of experience in Ethiopia and East Africa as designers, consultants, and contractors gives us a unique advantage to provide construction and business consulting services for clients looking to establish a presence on the continent. That's why we also deliver state of the art quality homes and apartments fully designed and built by our qualified team of international industry background. We provide services for individual owners looking to build their custom designed home or associations looking to build town-homes, row-houses or apartments

Design and Drafting

Too often companies have to decide between increasing overhead or overloading their employees. But it doesn't have to be that way. With the right partner, companies can choose to offload some of the time consuming work during their busiest times with full confidence that their projects are in good hands.

MGM USA provides Civil, Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Sanitary drafting services for companies looking to outsource some or all of the work. We also provide Structural, Geotechnical, and Geo structural design, drafting and consulting services.

We have successfully partnered with companies to help meet their deadlines by taking the time consuming work load off their hands and allowing them to focus on providing the right solution for their clients.


The Project Realization Process

1. Pre-Design Stage
This is the stage where we listen to your vision, ideas and concerns and map out the course for the project. We will then proceed to perform preliminary feasibility studies
2. Preliminary Design
This stage is where we put the ideas to paper. Our team of experienced architects and engineers bring their technical expertise in creating the first design that will be presented to the client for review and approval.
3. Final Design
Upon approval from the client, the final design is furnished and sent to the quantity surveying team.
4. Design specifications, Contracts, and Bidding
Now that the design is finalized, we will provide detailed bill of quantity and specifications for contractors to bid on your project. We will then set the terms of the contract with the selected bidder and break ground on your project.
5. Construction Services
At this stage we will have our engineers on your site full time to provide quality control supervision and ensure the construction is progressing per the standards and schedule set in the design manual contract agreement.


Some of Our Projects

Radisson Blu Hotel
A luxury hotel situated at the heart of the capital
Raya Breweries
A well renowed brewery factory located in Tigray, Ethiopia
Romanat PP Cement Bag Factory
Varnero Real Estate
A luxury real estate at Lebu, Addis Ababa
Abiy Melles Ghirmay
Managing Partner | MGM USA
Our D.C. location is headed by Abiy who has worked in the construction design-build industry in the US for over 4 years and knows what clients have come to expect from designers and builders. We pride ourselves in providing our clients top class service that makes the ease of building and investing in East Africa as simple as possible. For clients in the USA looking to out source design and drafting services, let us ease the work load on your staff by handling the time-consuming tasks so you can focus on providing your clients the best solutions. Send us an email or call us to take the next step in turning your vision in to reality.
DISCLAIMER : MGM USA is a separate busniess partnership from MGM Consult PLC